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General Information
The protection of our environment is a very important part of our company's philosophy.
We face the challenge of reconciling this responsibility with the reliability of our products. The materials we use are characterised by low energy consumption and a high degree of safety for the user. The long life and high durability of our products make an essential contribution towards reducing the amount of waste generated.

All TA Triumph-Adler photocopier and printer models meet the strict environmental standards set down by law. Some of our results are even lower than the fixed threshold values. 

The results for each system are documented in the environmental data sheets. Ours are machines you can rely on. 

<b>General Information</b>
Energy consumption
The energy consumption of electrical devices is a crucial aspect of their ecological efficiency.

Considerable progress has been made over the past few years in terms of minimising the energy consumption of printers, fax machines and copier systems. This is vital in order to preserve our natural resources.

In 1992, the US Environmental Protection Agency launched the ‘Energy Star’ energy-saving programme. This programme was officially introduced in the European Union in 2001. It covers standards for the energy consumption of systems in ‘sleep’ mode. Systems which fulfil these requirements are allowed to bear the ‘Energy Star’ mark.


Toner-Waste Disposal

All of the types of toner that we use are tailored to the different requirements of our systems.

TA Triumph-Adler original toner is neither toxic nor carcinogenic, so when used properly is quite harmless. The testing procedures to establish this are carried out in approved laboratories in accordance with the AMES test procedure. The results are set out in the corresponding safety data sheets.

Some of our copier, printer and fax systems have a closed toner system that prevents any direct contact with the toner. These advanced systems leave no toner residues. Emptied toner cartridges are classified as packaging material and are taken back by our solution centres free of charge.

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